Joanne Martin


Ottawa’s Condo Connection

Does Ottawa have a Condo Specialist? Although no such designation exists, it’s all about knowledge and experience. With the ever changing condo landscape, where is a buyer curious about the condo market supposed to start? Don’t buyers deserve the best possible information and representation available? Don’t sellers want an agent that knows how to market a unique product and is aware of the many variables surrounding condominiums?

At Condo Curious, we know condos. Our mission is to stay current on all condo activity in the city. We are constantly in and out of buildings and are aware of what each project has to offer and its particularities. Whether buying or selling, we are your Condo Connection. Call Ottawa’s Condo Specialist today to find your next condo.
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Ottawa’s Condo Specialist: Why choose a condo?

Choosing to live in a condo is a lifestyle choice. There are many reasons that buyers choose a condo over a residential freehold property. The top 2 reasons are convenience and location.

Condo living is very convenient because it offers a worry free lifestyle. No need to shovel snow, take care of exterior maintenance or worry about regular building upkeep. Condo fees pay for a property management company to take care of these matters. Condos also offer a turn key lifestyle. Lock your door and leave – making it perfect for people who travel a lot or snow birds. Insurance companies do require someone to check in on vacant properties regularly but it is usually easy to find a neighbour to exchange this service with.

Location and affordability play a big factor in the choice of home. For those who want to live in the downtown core, there are not many affordable options in traditional homes at an affordable cost. Homes in the centre are often older and come with their own issues. There is an abundance of condo options in the core of the city at different price points. Many condo dwellers choose a location that offers easy commute to work whether by walking, cycling or public transit. The necessity for a car is greatly reduced and can offset the cost of condo fees. There are also car sharing services available in the core of the city such as Virtucar. Why make car, insurance and parking payments if you only use a car once a week?