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Buying A Condo in Ottawa

Buying A Condo in Ottawa

Buying a condo in Ottawa is one of the biggest investments that you will do in your life. With buying a condo there are a great deal of responsibilities that will need to be fulfilled regularly in order to have a positive experience. Buying a condo is not the easiest thing to do and, can be a difficult process. Buying a condo in Ottawa is a great investment and requires a lot of energy and effort in order to get everything in place. Which is why you need knowledgable real estate agent to ease the process.

With the help of a real estate agent discover which is the best location, size and necessities for your desired taste. Sometimes you may not realize what exactly it is that you need. With an agent you will get assistance on choosing the type of layout and newest condo’s available on the market. Your agent will help you find the best investment and negotiate to get you the best deal making it a smooth transaction.

The last thing that you should keep in mind is that you will have to pay monthly condo fees to upkeep the outside of your condo. This means that when you are considering to buy a condo you need to add that cost to thee home each month.

These important step needs to be thought and planned out carefully contact Condo Curious today to begin the search of the perfect condo for you in Ottawa.

Tips For Buying a Condo

Tip For Buying a Condo

Our Ottawa Condo Real Estate Agent Gives Tips For Buying a Condo

Nowadays many people are having preference for condos than private homes. The buying cost and maintenance cost of Condos is much lesser than the private homes. If you are planning to buy a condo here are some tips for buying a condo to consider:


Every real estate transaction involves a lot of money. With time, property prices have increased rapidly. Therefore, it’s vital to fix a budget and search accordingly. Price of condominiums depends on multiple factors. Buying an overpriced apartment is not a smart investment.


One needs to give significant importance to location. Purchasing an apartment far away from the main city causes a lot of problems in the future. One must thoroughly check the site before finalizing the deal. Buyers must consider proximity to hospitals, offices and other emergency services. They must give proper attention towards safety of the place.

Know the Complex Rules

With so many people living together, condo buildings have certain rules. Purchasers must know the rules and see if they are comfortable with it. A management comprising of members of the complex formulates the rules and regulations. There are rules on shared spaces and pets. Before moving in, one must ensure they are comfortable with the rules.

Enquire About Fees

In most complexes, associations levy fees for common expenses. Buyers must inquire about the expenses and know what exactly they are paying for. A well-run complex sets aside some money for carrying out structural repairs. One shouldn’t move into a condo where there is no association. It’s important for occupants to know how their money is being utilized.

Get Information About Maintenance

Before buying a condo, one must get complete information about the person responsible for maintenance. Normally, others do maintenance. However, sometimes owners need to pitch in. A complex without proper maintenance is aggravating to live. It also decreases its resale value.

Proper Inspection

Inspection is an important aspect that buyers must not ignore. One must properly inspect the complex and find out if there are any loopholes. It’s a good idea to take a surveyor during inspection. Surveyors will notice faults, which buyers may miss otherwise.

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